Legislative Affairs

I am Col George Weil. I am the Chapter’s Legislative Liaison Chairman. My job is to monitor legislative activities at the local, state, and national levels which affect veterans. I develop and coordinate the Chapter’s efforts to influence legislative activities to assure legislators vote for what is best for veterans. If you’d like info about veterans issues in Congress or at the Arizona State Legislature, please contact me by either phone or email:

PHONE: 928-636-0318
EMAIL: [email protected]

Your attention is invited to the following Advocacy Items concerning readiness and veterans’ issues. It’s important to keep ourselves informed and stay abreast of possible congressional and DOD deliberations and actions which may affect retired and former active duty veterans. You can find more discussions of these issues online at

Col George Weil


Go to using the button below. Then, on the website, click the search link at the upper right of the page. In that search field, enter an item from the list below for full details and a proposed letter to your congressman.

Advocacy Items